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Mx Qwerrrk Shares Freaky Pig-Chic Video with Patricia Field & Bob Bottle

Mx Qwerrrk

"It’s time we queens got back to celebrating our individual fabulousness."

Queer nightlife staple Mx Qwerrrk, known for their striking piggy looks, has debuted today their first video project, "QWOJI," shot by Bjork's personal photographer Santiago Felipe.

"'QWOJI' is a visual response to the chaos brought about by the information age," said Bob Bottle, who creative directed the trippy, techinicolor film. "Mx Qwerrrk dances amidst this chaos in a virtual space where visual information swirls around her in repetitious and frenetic motion. We live in a time where people are in constant communication with each other via digital media, yet are becoming increasingly isolated through their efforts to manufacture virtual personas."

Fashion in the film comes from iconic designers like Jeremy Scott, Trixie Mattel, and Sex and the City stylist Patricia Field.

"Somewhere, during the trajectory of the gay rights movement, queers learned how to hide in public," Mx Qwerrrk said. "We learned how to pass. Appearing gay became a negative. The whole 'No fems, masc only, no Blacks, no Asians' ideology fueled our internalized homophobia. It's time we queens got back to celebrating our individual fabulousness."

Take a look at the wild, queer AF video, below:

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