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Dunlop Volley's Gay Campaign is Making the Australian Christian Lobby Rage Tweet

Photo via @MarisaTaschke

Because gay men kissing is an "R-rated" breach of our children's innocence.

Dunlop Volley, the classic sneaker brand from Volley, Australia, revealed this week an amazing new campaign, #GRASSROOTS, that promotes diversity and sexuality (read: there's men kissing each other naked).

And don't worry, it's not just photos--there's a video, too. Let's take a look, shall we?

To nobody's surprise, Wendy Francis, Queensland State Director of the Australian Christian Lobby, has spoken out about the campaign. She tweeted:

What's fun about Francis' response is that it has only drawn more attention to what she calls "R-rated" imagery. Volley's campaign, however, was created as a "celebration" in partnership with Ansell condoms to promote safe sex. A statement on their site reads:

"Our campaign is all about the celebration of sexual expression whilst remembering to stay safe. For this reason we've joined arms with Ansell condoms in support of safe sex, as whilst we're all about rooting, we believe in 'safety first'. So stay safe this summer and root for us, root for change, root for Volley."

Much to Francis' dismay, please enjoy some more campaign images, below:

SS16 | #grassroots

A photo posted by Volley Australia (@volleyaustralia) on

SS16 | #grassroots

A photo posted by Volley Australia (@volleyaustralia) on

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