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Proposition Love

Wear Your Pride with Proposition Love Jewelry

Wear Your Pride with Proposition Love Jewelry

Proposition Love

Give the gift of Pride this holiday season

There's a reason why Proposition Love 's founders Jonathan Tack and Sam Street feel so strongly about their designer jewelry made specifically for the gay community. Only a few days after they married in California in October 2008, the state passed Proposition 8 - a state-wide ballot proposition eliminating same-sex marriage rights. Jonathan and Sam were just barely granted the rights that so many others were denied. Thus the two were inspired to give back in their unique way by designing a line of jewelry that spoke primarily to same-sex couples.


Tack and Street believe that the wedding band industry is still stuck in traditions - the same traditions that could easily exclude the gay community. Breaking away from the simple silver band and diamond ring, Proposition Love rings are a unique reflection of queer history. Most of their rings, such as the ones below, feature the shape of a triangle, largely recognized as a symbol of LGBT pride.


This fantastic jewelry line gives back to the community as well. 10% of all profits go to organizations that support gay rights, marriage equality, LGBTQ youth, anti-bullying and HIV/AIDS. Proposition Love most recently partnered with The Tyler Clementi Foundation and created a bracelet

The line has taken off since its first creation in 2011, now partnering with several big celebrity names including Kathy Griffin, Travis Wall and Perez Hilton. These celebrities were selected to design their own rings for the line, each of which were auctioned off as part of the "Love is Love" Celebrity Charity Auction. 100% of the proceeds from the auction went to the Trevor Project and The Point Foundation.

Proposition Love jewelry goes beyond just wedding jewelry to include bracelets, necklaces, and everyday rings. We especially love this black ceramic bracelet and this silver necklace with the Om symbol engrained.



If you are still wondering what to get that special someone this holiday season, considering giving a gift that symbolizes your love and also your pride for the gay community. Check out Proposition Love's holiday discounts here. And be sure not to miss the cutest holiday video from a jewelry line that we've seen yet!

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