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Union J’s Jaymi: Lack of Sex Ed to Blame for HIV Increase in Young Men


The gay member of the Brit boy band voices his opinions on HIV.

Jaymi Hensley, a member of the British boy band Union J (which is currently top of the charts in the UK), believes that the lack of sexual education in schools accounts for the uptick in HIV infections in men 15-25.

"I never had proper sex education at school," said the 24-year-old singer in a candid interview with UK gay teen mag, aTeen.

"I knew I was gay from a young age and think it would have been very helpful. Homosexuality is seen as much more 'equal' nowadays so I think young people should be educated about it at schools, whether it's straight sex or gay sex -- it's important that people learn about being safe.

"The stats about the rise in HIV among young men make it clear that people are not learning the right things at school -- and it's at school, in a learning environment -- where I think we should learn these important facts."

Hensley believes that fighting the stigma surrounding HIV is another way to combat the disease:

"I think people who are having sex should get tested regularly. It's good for peace of mind. The problem is I think some people are embarrassed about getting tested -- which is quite shocking, particularly when it's about a disease that could potentially kill them."

"Having multiple partners is much more common these days and you can never know the complete past of the people who you are being intimate with. You can't tell just by looking at someone if they have HIV or not, so you need to take precautions and wear a condom at all times (well, when having sex anyway!)"

Though the gay community is still very much involved with raising awareness about HIV and encouraging safe sex between men, Hensley also thinks that people of all orientations should take measures to protect themselves.

"It's crucial that young gay guys are always reminded that if they are having sex with people they have to be responsible and safe. It's not just about your life and sexual health, it's about other people's lives. Straight girls and boys should take HIV and AIDS seriously too. I have some female friends who have never had a HIV test because they don't think it affects them, but it isn't just gay people who this virus affects. Education needs to happen from a young age to teach people about HIV/AIDS."

Maybe he could get his three bandmates, pictured below in the band's Instagram feed, to help...

Sorry mum x

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