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Bad Suns’ Salt Video Explores Trans Identity

Bad Suns’ Salt Video Explores Trans Identity

L.A.-based indie power pop band Bad Suns released a poignant video for its song titled “Salt” on MTV todayDirected by dancer and up-and-coming music video director Daniel “Cloud” Campos, the video—inspired by conversations that the band members had with a close friend who was struggling with gender identity—follows a transwoman who begins to accept her true gender. 

The video’s protagonist, played by Campos’s wife, choreographer Tamara Levinson, faces depression, suicide, and sexual assault before finally undergoing gender reassignment surgery. Though stunning and masterfully choreographed and lensed, the video can be tough to watch for the casual viewer. 

According to MTV News, the song began as way for Bad Suns’ Christo Bowman to come to terms with his friend’s struggle with gender, however, the final product is meant to speak to anyone struggling with their identity, Bowman told MTV’s John Walker: 

“The idea was to try and universalize that feeling. When the song came out, we didn’t have to say anything about it. But, people would come up to me after the shows, talking about the song: ‘You know, I really feel like this is about me.’ These are people that aren’t dealing with gender issues, you know what I mean? It’s just people dealing with the same sort of lack of identity or whatever it is that’s happening in the lyrics. They’re relating to that.” 

Bad Suns’ Language & Perspective is out now. Check out the video below:

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