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Fund This: First Ever OUTsider Festival

Fund This: First Ever OUTsider Festival

The OUTsider Festival celebrates the traditional nonconformity of the LGBTQI community by showcasing overlooked and out of the ordinary theater, dance, music, writing, performance art, visual art, and scholarship. 

Which makes sense that the festival’s IndieGoGo campaign would be based on an old-school telethon, in which over-the-top hosts talk with the people behind the scenes. Austin-based performance artist Paul Soileau and filmmaker PJ Raval play Reverie and Randy, a couple of flamboyant televangelists determined to raise money for OUTsider. 

The money raised through the campaign will go to secure festival venues, facilitate artist attendance, and pay for operation costs. Rewards for donating range from shout outs on social media, to access perks at this year’s inaugural festival, to multi-year VIP access for future festivals. 

The campaign has raised over 90% of its goal and has a bit of time left, so check it out now. 

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