The Multitalented Kim Stolz Discusses Technology-Detox

The Multitalented Kim Stolz Discusses Technology-Detox

Photo by Michael Sharkey

Kim Stolz is a Renaissance woman of our time. The model turned video jockey turned finance exec was a contestant on America's Next Top Model, worked as an MTV VJ, and currently holds the vice president position in equity derivative sales at Citigroup. Oh, and she most recently wrote a new book called Unfriending My Ex: and Other Things I'll Never Do, which examines technology-addictions and the hazards of social media.

We had the pleasure of chatting with Stolz (in our pajamas!) and hearing her two cents on modern communication and a catchy new term coined "Facebook loneliness."

"It's about people who spend too much time on Facebook and who spend too much time focusing on their online life that they lose their offline life," says Stolz. "That becomes really detrimental to their ability to be comfortable with themselves. And that makes you lonely because when you are alone you can't handle it."

Heed the rest of Stolz's relevant advice on HiltonGoOut, and find out how to best balance your online and offline selves.

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