Brad Goreski Goes Bro

Brad Goreski Goes Bro

Photo: Bravo/NBC Universal

A fixture in the front row at fashion shows and — for a time — on Bravo, Brad Goreski is more comfortable in wing tips with his hair neatly coifed than he is in flip flops and a snapback, but he won’t let a trip outside his comfort zone keep him from finding out how the bro half lives. 

In his new Funny or Die video Goreski does just that. He throws a football for the first time and reaches out to one of his friend’s husbands to learn how to dress like a casual bro — shell necklace and all. From step-counting a handshake like a dance to asking more intimate questions, Goreski tackles some of the bigger aspects of bro life — well he tries. Even he admits his tackle still needs work. 

Watch the Funny or Die video below.

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