Watch a Supercut of All the Grunts From GoT

Watch a Supercut of All the Grunts From GoT

1. Sometimes it's hard to tell where the fighting grunts end and the sex grunts begin in the Game of Thrones season 4 grunt supercut. (See the video below)

2. The tremendous drag trio DWV has split up. If you keep that many cats in the same bag, there's bound to be fighting. 

3. Bill and Sookie get cozy in a new True Blood preview. Even after five seasons, it hasn't gotten easier to watch. 

4. Michelle Williams reunited Destiny’s Child for her “Say Yes” video. It’s weird hearing Beyoncé sing about herself in the third person.

5. Jude Law’s son makes his modeling debut—and proves that he knows how to use his cheekbone inheritance. 

6. Marriage equality is important everywhere—even in video games.

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