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5 Essential Moments from Faking It

5 Essential Moments from Faking It

The show's executive producer breaks down his favorite moments ahead of the finale

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Warning: Minor spoilers ahead for viewers who have not seen the first seven episodes.

Ahead of the finale, executive producer Carter Covington breaks down his five favorite moments from season one, which transformed from a show about two girls pretending to be lesbians in order to become popular into a high school comedy that covered the landscape of teen life.

Over the course of seven episodes, Amy (Rita Volk) confronted her sexual orientation while her best friend Karma (Katie Stevens) had to decide which was more important, friendship or popularity. As added pressure, a sexually-charged Liam (Gregg Sulkin) poked holes in the bond between the two girls and Shane (Michael J. Willett) found himself taking on Amy's stepsister Lauren (Bailey Buntain) as she attempted to create trouble for Amy's home life.

While truths about relationships are expected to be confronted in the finale, Covington recaps moments from the series that showcased the evolution of Amy and Karma's real and fake relationships.

1. Pilot, episode 1


The moment: Amy kisses Karma to prove to the other students of Hester High they're lesbians.

Covington: "I love this moment because it's when Amy's whole world changes and Karma is completely oblivious."

2. Homecoming Out, episode 2



The moment: At the Homecoming Dance, Amy grabs her crown and comes out on television in front of her mother.

Covington: "This moment had it all: Amy standing up to her close-minded mother, Karma supporting her best friend, and Shane taking Lauren down a peg."

3. We Shall Overcompensate, episode 3



The moment: Karma sings at the students' "Occupy Hester" protest.

Covington: "It's not just because Katie Stevens (Karma) has an amazing voice. Amy thinking Karma is singing to her then realizing she's singing to Liam is just heartbreaking. Poor Amy."

4. Know Thy Selfie, episode 4


The moment: Amy confides in Shane about why she can't tell Karma her true feelings.

Covington: "For Amy, just the possibility that she might lose her relationship with her best friend is terrifying. I love how it's hard to tell whether Shane encouraging her to do it is good advice or not."

5. Three to Tango, episode 6



The moment: Amy and Karma kiss during a threesome with Liam.

Covington: "That threesome kiss! Even though Karma's mouth says "Whoa..." her face says so much more. If Liam hadn't kissed Amy right after, what would have happened next? And is she jealous of Amy or Liam?"

What's going to happen next? Even Covington wouldn't tell us. Watch a preview of the season finale, which premieres on Tuesday, June 10 at 10:30 p.m. EST on MTV:

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