WATCH: Diane Keaton Wins Everything

WATCH: Diane Keaton Wins Everything

Diane Keaton likes a bit of wine with her talk show appearances. She enjoyed some red wine with ice on Ellen, and later told

That was dangerous, a very dangerous experience [Laughs]. But I had a lot of fun. What I really enjoyed though was her response. I’m an actress and it was always like—you take your behavior from what you’re getting.

To be fair, she was talking about making out with Robert De Niro and nine-hour-long tantric orgasms. We’d need some wine too. Ellen looked like she wanted a drink.

Keaton also likes a bit of red win over ice with her beer pong. And skip the beer while you’re at it. But sticking to rules? That’s obviously of less interest.

Witness the most awesome game of iced red wine pong ever.


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