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WATCH: Angel Haze Covers Beyoncé’s “Drunk In Love”

WATCH: Angel Haze Covers Beyoncé’s “Drunk In Love”


And 5 Other Things You Need To See Today

1. Brooklyn based rapper Angel Haze covered Beyonce's "Drunk In Love" on the BBC Radio 1 Xtra. Though Haze may not be able to hit the notes the same way Bey does, she puts her own spin on the track and brings the song to an awesome new place.

2. The Disney Channel has, at long last, introduced a gay family onto one of their shows. Don't get too excited though. On Sunday's episode of Good Luck Charlie, the network introduce a pair of lesbian moms. Sadly, this will be a one off, as the next episode of the show will be the series finale and the couple won't appear again. So it wasn't much of anything, but at least it ticked off One Million Moms, which is always funny.

[h/t Defamer]

3. With Sean Hannity threatening to leave New York--please, let it be so--Jon Stewart, with the help of Nathan Lane, Tim Gunn, and the cast of Jersey Boys,beg the Fox News host to stick around.

4. Axe Body Spray has made bank by convincing straight guys that the key to getting women to sleep with them is by smelling like a junior high locker room. The Gay Women Channel has done their own Axe commercial and tore the idiot-spray a new one.

5. Cazwell and RuPaul's Drag Racecontestant Manila Luzon have teamed up on Caz's new track, "Helen Keller." It's not as offensive as it sounds. If it's your thing, you can buy it here.

6. Billie Jean King, in anticipation of her trip to Sochi as a member of President Obama's Olympic delegation, appeared on Meet The Press for a profile and interview.

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