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Decorate Your Christmas Tree With Shirtless Mermen Ornaments

Decorate Your Christmas Tree With Shirtless Mermen Ornaments


It'll be a gay ole time

The holiday season has officially begun and if you're like my friends and family, you're already unpacking the Christmas decorations, working on your naughty or nice list and picking out a Christmas tree.

If you're not sure how to decorate your tree this year (shabby chic is so two years ago), then we've got the perfect idea for you: Gay camp. We stumbled across these shirtless merman Christmas tree ornaments from Diamonds Of The Sea and could not be more delighted about the possibilities of a camp-f*cking-tastic tree sitting in the middle of our living room.

The company has a collection of shirtless men that are both sexy and timeless. For instance, there's the Christian Grey merman for those who are more of the secretly naughty type, the sexy Santa for those planning to stuff some stockings and the hunky fireman for when your candles burn to bright.


There are a number of choose from, which means you can pick the (mer)man that's perfect for you.

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