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Challenging Whats Sexy in Russia

Challenging Whats Sexy in Russia


Peoples.Ru’s sexiest performers aren’t exactly paragons of contemporary Russian legal values

It's not a Putin-endorsed list, and it's not a list of sexy Russian performers, but this web site lists Billboard's sexiest performers, ten each male and female, and the list includes lots of folks who aren't exactly on the strictly hetero side of the ledger. And every little bit helps when it comes to expanding the minds of Russians (who overwhelmingly disapprove of homosexuality).

No. 5 on the men's list is Bill Kaulitz of German rock band Tokio Hotel, who though he says he's not gay, is an androgynous fashion muse to Karl Lagerfeld.

No. 2 is pro-gay Out cover man Adam Levine.

No. 1 on the list is out, flamboyant, Advocate cover man Adam Lambert, who would likely not be allowed to perform in Russia under the new "gay propaganda" prohibition.


On the women's list, No. 9 is bi-or-maybe-just-kidding Nicki Minaj.

No. 7 is Britney-kisser/Ingrid Casares-dater/queer icon Madonna.

No. 5 is Katy "I Kissed A Girl" Perry.

No. 2 is openly bisexual Lady Gaga.

No. 1 is Britney Spears. (See No. 7)

[Photos: GL Wood,Yu Tsai/OUT; Eric Schwabel/Advocate]

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