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What’s French for 'Mixed Messages'?

What’s French for 'Mixed Messages'?


Protesting knuckleheads don’t do their research—or understand homoeroticism

Pictures: via Pink News

We were confused by the shirtlessness and candy-colored overalls, the peace signs scrawled on their chests, and the kooky (kinky?) Phantom of the Opera-esque masks.

But any nascent homophobic cadre of inappropriately gay-obsessed young men can be forgiven a few beginners blunders in their assault on basic human rights, can't they? But oh, the underwater swimming video I just can't.

Then again, this could just be elaborate performance art.

Members of French antigay activist group Les Hommen once again confound common sense by taking off their shirts, putting on matching pink shorts, climbing up a mountain (presumably they got a little sweaty), then climbing all over each other.


source: Pink News

To reject gay equality. Come on! We've seen fundamentalist bigots, and they usually look like this --at least in the U.S.A.

What was it that queen said in Hamlet? Oh yeah, "The lady doth protest too much, methinks."

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