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James Franco Dresses as Janet Leigh in ‘Psycho’


Wannabe gay Franco is doing drag again

James Franco is at it again, and by "it," we mean wearing women's clothing and monkeying around with the classics. In collaboration with Scottish artist Douglas Gordon, he's translated Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 cinematic masterpiece, Psycho, into a multi-media art installation at London's Pace Gallery, titled Psycho Nacirema.

The pair recreated a couple of the sets from the film and shot at the Bates Motel lot at Universal Studios. They've even redone the infamous shower scene.

As for the cross-dressing aspect of the performance, the Interior. Leather Bar. star tells the Guardian's Skye Sherwin, "In the original, the psycho is a cross-dresser and the victim female. It's obviously an old-fashioned idea that a transvestite would be a psycho. By casting myself as Marion Crane, I hope to undermine those dated notions. I'm very into role-playing: when I crossdress, it is an overt way of showing people I'm playing a 'character.'"

For those of you heading across the pond in the near future, Psycho Nacirema is on display throuch July 27.

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