Watch: Michelle Obama Shuts Down Lesbian Activist

Watch: Michelle Obama Shuts Down Lesbian Activist

The story of the confrontation between an activist from GetEQUAL and Michelle Obama has blown up on line and now a video of the exchange has popped up on CNN. Activist Ellen Sturtz interrupted the first lady during a fundraising speech, asking her to get her husband to sign a federal employment non-discrimination order that would prevent companies that work with the federal government from discriminating against sexuality or gender identity. Sturtz makes a fair and valid point, but Michelle was having none of it.

The FLOTUS thought this was neither the time or the place to bring up the issue and, with the crowd on her side, lays out the GetEQUAL activist, "Listen to me or you can take the mic, but I’m leaving.” You all decide. You have one choice.” Sturtz was escorted from the premises and Mrs. Obama finished her speech. Was the activist in the right or out of line? What’s worse, interrupting the FLOTUS or slapping Beyoncé’s bum?


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