WATCH: 'Book Of Mormon: Party Bus Edition'

WATCH: 'Book Of Mormon: Party Bus Edition'

I've always thought this catchy tune from Book of Mormon could be the most elaborate, ingenious marketing campaign the Church of Latter Day Saints has going for it. When else could you get four adorable gay guys (for the record, their names are Tim Koll, Sam Leicht, Leland Raymond, Damian Wille, and Logan Lang) singing a song about Jesus in the backseat of a van?

Well, actually, now that I write that: Probably about any chorale, theater, or Vacation Bible School trip is equally gay and has plenty of Christ-centered songs being sung by adorable homos. But this cute vid will give you a jumping off point for ideas for your own next road trip—and these sweet-faced boys will be a ray of sunshine on a Monday morning.

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