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Watch: Kate McKinnon as Ellen on 'Ellen'

Watch: Kate McKinnon as Ellen on 'Ellen'

Kate McKinnon is one of our favorite reasons to watch SNL (or only reason other than Stefon?) and now, at long last, we get a dream meeting: when McKinnon (who does an Ellen bit on SNL, as well as an amazing Jodie Foster) meets Ellen on Ellen then transforms into Ellen (but not Portia de Rossi—yet). 

As can be seen in the clip, McKinnon's excited to meet DeGeneres—so much so that she seems to holding back tears—and likened meeting America's favorite talk show host to "meeting Jesus."

But things get really crazy when DeGeneres told McKinnon her SNL impression of her needed work, noting that McKinnon's on-set fashion mimicking DeGeneres was out-of-date. Naturally, DeGeneres gave McKinnon an updated ensemble, and McKinnon re-emerged as the spitting image of DeGeneres. Then they dance together.

Ellen Mckinnon2


Watch both clips below:

Watch her take over as Ellen below:






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