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18 Songs Inspired By Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher


Margaret Thatcher gave musicians plenty of raw material.

Margaret Thatcher's 11-year tenure as Britain's prime minister and the conservative, labor-crushing politics therein gave musicians all over the UK and the world plenty of material for raw expression of shell-shocked disdain. Rarely were songs about the Iron Lady flattering.

While some of the Thatcher-inspired tracks are lighthearted, like the lines "We will laugh the day that Thatcher dies/Even though we know it's not right" 90s-era ska band Hefner's "The Day That Thatcher Dies," most musicians take a more aggressive approach. Elvis Costello croons "When England was the whore of the world/Margaret was her madam" in "Tramp the Dirt Down."

Even where she doesn't figure prominently into the lyrics, Thatcher's imprint's seen elsewhere, as in Genesis' video for "Land of Confusion," in which the late politician is depicted in her Spitting Image puppet form. That song and 17 other tracks make up this at times gritty, at times playful and always timeless playlist "Margaret Thatcher in Song."

Don't have Spotify? Don't worry, it's easy to download and totally free. Can you imagine what virulent anti-communist conservastive Thatcher would say about such a communal spirit?

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