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WATCH: 'So God Made a Gay Man'


The latest video response to Dodge's Super Bowl ad celebrates gay men—their history and their future.

Cue the waterworks: This heart-hitting video isn't one to be missed. "So God Made a Gay Man," released by Crew magazine, plays off the now-viral Dodge Super Bowl ad, "So God Made a Farmer"--a nostalgic two-minute sermon that probably left football fans all across the heartland crying into their corn puffs.

Crew's video keeps the meme alive by capturing all that the gay community has to be proud of--its victories, its struggles, its sacrifices--and making the case that gay men are, too, part of the bigger picture.

The tone and the words all seamlessly mimic the 1978 Paul Harvey speech Dodge used for its ad, but the video is unique in its ambition. Every issue gets screen time: from AIDS and teen suicide to anti-gay protests. There's even a not-so-sly salute to President Barack Obama, whose recent State of the Union address made abundantly clear his focus on gay rights this term. If there's something you didn't know about the gay experience, you'll learn it here--that is, if you're not too busy fumbling for a tissue to pay attention.

A little--well, a lot--heavier in tone than most viral media geared toward gays, the video pays homage to the gay community's troubled past while highlighting the inspiring opportunities to come. Being gay isn't just great--it's divine. On the eve of so much change, that's definitely a lesson to keep in mind.

WATCH: Crew's "So God Made a Gay Man" below:

WATCH: The original Dodge Super Bowl ad, "So God Made a Farmer"

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