WATCH: Male Gymnast Duo Perform Super Human Tricks

WATCH: Male Gymnast Duo Perform Super Human Tricks

After years of watching Cirque du Soleil routines, we thought we had seen it all—and were immune to being gobsmacked by amazing human tricks. But this male duo perform a haunting, gorgeous, inexplicably gay artistic gymnastic dance routine on the Polish version of Britain's Got Talent, called Mam talent!, and we realized how wrong we were. It's nice to learn that you're not so jaded.

The judges' reactions are just as great to watch as the guys begin their routine in intimate style.

Mam 1

Then there's this yin-yang thing that will make everyone jealous of your abs.

Mam 2

OK, we've never seen this move and are not sure it would be allowed on American television.

Mam Thumb

Oh and don't forget the crazy crotch backstretch thing. Thighs of steel!

Mam 3

But, how do you get out of this tricky situation? Ball up!

Mam 44

And for a finale: some crazy plank move that has jaws dropping...

Mam 55

Watch the full video below. 

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