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Gleecap: 'Sadie Hawkins'


Empowerment, crushes revealed, Kurt's first new date after Blaine, and Rachel moves fast in Glee's return

Glee really seems as if it needs to be turned into two shows with all that is going on in Lima and New York.

Tina finally gets some spotlight this season as she spearheads McKinnley's first Sadie Hawkins dance, which empowers her to reveal her crush.

"Sadie Hawkins is a metaphor for empowerment, and not just for women, but for everyone who is sick and tired of the status quo," describes Coach Beiste about the upcoming dance. Beiste undoubtedly had the best lines of the night, she later encourages a group of girls sitting at the dance to get up and ask boys to dance, since the worst thing they could say is no.

Tina finds out about the power of that "no" early. She asks her crush out via song, beautifully singing, "I Don't Know How to Love Him," from JesusChristSuperstar, and it turns out to be...Blaine! Awkward, but flashbacks are provided to show how the crush developed--with some booty shots of Blaine that helped, so we can kind of understand.

He politely declines, to everyone's shock, but it turns out it's not because he wouldn't go with her, as he tells her in a later scene. It is due to his own a crush, which he thinks is silly as the guy is straight, and he doesn't want to be at a place filled with romance because he can't ask his crush--Sam!

Tina explains to Blaine that it's OK to have that crush, as she knows what it's like to have a crush on someone who can't love you back, and the two agree to go as best friends. However, at the dance, they have a moment while dancing and it appears as if they are about to kiss, before being interrupted by Sam's discovery that their rivals, The Warblers, used enhancing drugs to win sectionals. The gentleman that he is, Blaine returns to Tina before the dance ends and they share a romantic slow dance, as Ryder sings "I Only Have Eyes For You" from The Flamingos, and Tina takes it in to later realize she is in love with Blaine--despite him being gay.

Other covers while in Lima included the boys performing TLC's "No Scrubs," and the girls, and Unique, sing "Tell Him" by The Exciters and a fab version of Bruno Mars' "Locked Out of Heaven":

Meanwhile, in New York, it's Kurt's first week at NYADA, and he breaks down the cliques for us in MeanGirls fashion. Rachel is high on her romance with Brody--and not with Kurt, as often as he thought they would be--so he looks for extracurriculars to try out. He stumbles upon the Adam's Apple, NAYDA's show choir group, but Rachel points out to him that it would be social suicide to join.

The leader and founder of the group, however, 22-year-old Adam (played by Oliver Kieran Jones), notices Kurt's interest. He tells Kurt how impressed he was with his talent at the winter showcase, and he invites him to meet the rest of the ensemble and see them perform a song--a soft, yet slightly awkward version of "Baby Got Back":

Adam later appears everywhere Kurt is, in order to sway him to join--or just plain stalk him--but Kurt doesn't seem to mind, as he develops an interest in Adam as. Scared at first, Kurt drums up the courage to finally ask Adam out, with some help from a quickly falling in love Rachel. Adam says yes and gives Kurt his digits. Will they be dating or not by the wedding episode where Kurt is supposedly hooking up with Blaine?

Rachel, in the final New York scene, has a loving moment with Brody and suggests he move in with her--and Kurt--but not part of the dialogue they shared, and he agrees. Slow down girl, you just got official with him!

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