WATCH: Shit Lady Gaga Says

WATCH: Shit Lady Gaga Says

Last year's popular video trend continues with YouTuber Charlie Hides's latest video, "Shit Lady Gaga Says." Charlie, known for his impersonations of various pop divas and gay icons, had many different versions of Lady Gaga to choose from since her arrival on mainstream radio in 2008.

The various Lady Gagas that appear in the video include:

  • "Telephone," "Paparazzi," and "Judas" verisons
  • The bubble dress from her 2009 Rolling Stone cover
  • 2010's meat dress she wore at the MTV Music Awards
  • Terry Richardson's 'Cake Gaga'
  • Her September 2012 Vogue cover
  • ArtPop Gaga

Watch the video below and see what other Gagas appear:

Also check out Lady Gaga spending the holidays with Madonna, with appearances by Joan Rivers and Lana Del Rey.

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