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Ian McKellen: 'Making a Sequel: Gandalf the Gay'


With 'The Hobbit' on the brain, Stephen Colbert questions the star about his making gay seem 'heroic'


It's Hobbit week on The Colbert Report, and that means we got a great interview with our favorite gay British actor, Sir Ian McKellen, in anticipation of his Gandalf of the Grey apparance in The Hobbit coming out in a few weeks (in case you had missed that fact with all the hyper-marketing). Here's a transcript of the juicy bits:

Colbert: "You are a gay rights advocate. Is that the proper term?"

McKellen: "Well, I'm gay. So of course."

Colbert: "You know I'm a fan; I've already gushed. Here's my beef with you: By being openly gay and a gay rights advocate and being a beloved star of billion-dollar blockbusters, my fear is, you don't just make gay seem acceptable--which I have my own problems with--you make it seem heroic. OK? Are you the sharp knifepoint of the gay agenda, trying to brainwash our children?"

McKellen: "Well that's what the Republican party think and fear, but there we go. But I have played some horrible men in my time, like Iago and Macbeth. Perhaps you didn't know about them?"

Colbert: "All of them are gay, too?"

McKellen: "They're gay murders. But I have news for you: Gay people do all sorts of things, sometimes they're good, sometimes they're not so good. Just like the rest of you really."

Colbert: "So you'll admit that sometimes gay people are terrible?"

McKellen: "You know we're making a sequel (maybe I shouldn't say this), called Gandalf the Gay" And you get the find out who is his favorite dwarf."

Impish smiles all around...

Colbert: "I can't wait to see it in 3D is all I can say..."

Watch the fill clip below:

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