Ian McKellen: 'Making a Sequel: Gandalf the Gay'

Ian McKellen: 'Making a Sequel: Gandalf the Gay'

It's Hobbit week on The Colbert Report, and that means we got a great interview with our favorite gay British actor, Sir Ian McKellen, in anticipation of his Gandalf of the Grey apparance in The Hobbit coming out in a few weeks (in case you had missed that fact with all the hyper-marketing). Here's a transcript of the juicy bits:

Colbert: "You are a gay rights advocate. Is that the proper term?"

McKellen: "Well, I'm gay. So of course."

Colbert: "You know I'm a fan; I've already gushed. Here's my beef with you: By being openly gay and a gay rights advocate and being a beloved star of billion-dollar blockbusters, my fear is, you don't just make gay seem acceptable—which I have my own problems with—you make it seem heroic. OK? Are you the sharp knifepoint of the gay agenda, trying to brainwash our children?"

McKellen: "Well that's what the Republican party think and fear, but there we go. But I have played some horrible men in my time, like Iago and Macbeth. Perhaps you didn't know about them?"

Colbert: "All of them are gay, too?"

McKellen: "They're gay murders. But I have news for you: Gay people do all sorts of things, sometimes they're good, sometimes they're not so good. Just like the rest of you really."

Colbert: "So you'll admit that sometimes gay people are terrible?"

McKellen: "You know we're making a sequel (maybe I shouldn't say this), called Gandalf the Gay" And you get the find out who is his favorite dwarf."

Impish smiles all around...

Colbert: "I can't wait to see it in 3D is all I can say..."

Watch the fill clip below:

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