WATCH: Teaser Trailer for 'On the Road'

WATCH: Teaser Trailer for 'On the Road'

While the film includes a laundry list of actors—Viggo doing a spot-on William Burroughs impression (and Amy Adams as his crazy wife); Kristen Stewart doing her pouty thing; Kirsten Dunst as a frazzled mama; Elisabeth Moss getting some Peggy-ness on the big screen—it's the trio of guys—Sam Riley (as Sal Paradise), Tom Sturridge (as a whacked out Ginsbergian Carlo), and the most-often naked Garrett Hedlund (as Dean Moriarty)—that are unforgettable in On the Road.

We're gaga for Garrett —who is the sexy center of On the Road. Check out the trailer for a hint of all the nudity, naughtiness, and naivete that Walter Salles's film has in store for you this December. And we've also included the new poster for the film as well.

OTROS PosterX633
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