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Reichen Lehmkuhl is Going to Law School


The former A-List star calls out pissy gay bloggers and reveals his next career move

A interview of the former A-List reality star (and model, jewelry designer, etc.) published today revealed that Lehmkuhl was (big surprise) hardly content with the way he was portrayed on television.

Lehmkuhl's interview was spawned by the fact that he will be appearing at Six Flags Great Adventure's ninth annual Fairgrounds LGBT Day, which is billed as "the largest private LGBT event in the United States." But he takes the time to blubber on about being passed through the hateful "judgement machine," of internet gays during the now-canceled LOGO reality series--we imagine the dripping sound of irony in his voice when referring to these keyboard-pounders as "amazingly accomplished, secure, sassy, role model bloggers," and also "very brave commenters on those blog stories." Can somebody grab us a tissue? The irony got all over us.

But the deluge continues upon confirming that he will "also miss having the few worst moments of my life put on screen each week, with all 900 recorded hours of my best, positive, happy, benevolent, successful, charitable, fun, and loving moments vanishing, hidden as if they didn't exist, and swiftly deleted from any sort of public view whatsoever."

Gosh, when you put it that way, it's no wonder he doesn't "actually crave all that glitz and glamour," which leads us to the amazing kicker: "...believe it or not, I don't actually crave all that glitz and glamour, and I am heading to law school for a few years."

We wish Reichen the best of luck, truly, as entertainment is a truly brutal industry with near-impossible chances of succeeding. But we hope he knows exactly how loving, accepting and nurturing an environment law school is supposed to be -- it begs us to wonder what he expected of the A-list when signing that contract.

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