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Ann Romney on 'Modern Family'?

Ann Romney on 'Modern Family'?

Although her husband Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama continue to duke it out for who will be the next prez of the United States of America, Ann continues to upstage her boring robo-hubby. From that stunner of a red dress she wore at the Republication Convention or her more compelling speech, Ann is capturing the coveted spotlight (although Michelle Obama is likely to put her in her place as she does her push-ups and shows the world what a cool First Lady can really do).

Now, after Ann told ET that her favorite television show is ABC's Modern Family—which has gay daddies Mitch and Cam, along with other unconventional families (which seems decidedly un-Mormon) living in California—the show's creator, Steve Levitan, took to Twitter to say they'd offer her the role of officiant at Cam and Mitch's wedding if same-sex marriage is ever legalized.

Steven Levitan Tweet

It's a coy way of reminding the prospective first lady of her hypocricy in liking a show that her husband's rightwing policies seem to negate outright. 


The show's star, Jesse Tyler Ferguson responded with a tweet that said: "I have to say, I'm actually thrilled Mitt & Ann Romney love "Modern Family". I hope it sparks something in them! #Equality"

Bless their heart, don't they realize that Modern Family is the EXACT opposite of their BACKWARD family values? Well, we can only wait and see.

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