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Meet Miss Karen Affection, Drag Dog


Is this animal cruelty? Manipulation? Or does this lemon beagle really love his wigs?

Meet Maymo, a lemon beagle, who is now making an appearance as Miss Karen Affection. The lady is no tramp, but she does look to be despairing a bit in her pink wig and getups, or are we wrong? The video, titled "Drag Dog Loves Pink Wig," is adorable--and disturbing. And we're not quite sure if Maymo is loving that pink wig--or just looking pissed to his big daddy who insists on dressing him up. (He previously made the rounds looking foolish with a lemon, so we're just saying.) Where's a Bob Sagat voiceover when you need one?

But here's a thought: Are we seeing the genesis of a new mini-challenge on Rupaul's Drag Race? It could happen!

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