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Howard Stern: "Obama Should Marry a Man"


The radio personality says that Obama "didn't even go far enough" with his public support of gay marriage.

People don't call Howard Stern a "shock jock" for nothing. He's made a living off of saying crazy shit, and he's even been sued several times for the controversial crap that spews out of his mouth. That's why it's kind of a surprise that he only said one outlandish thing during his appearance on The View yesterday (which, incidentally, was his first time on the show.)

While praising Obama's endorsement of gay marriage, he argued that Obama "didn't even go far enough" and that "they should have a national sort of referendum on this thing." Okay, so that part's not as weird. We can actually get behind that. But the next thing he said made us go "WTF":

"He should marry a man."

Say it with me, now: "WTF?!!"

To be fair, Joy Behar said it first. But we're going to officially credit Stern, since he repeated it. Also, it's more fun.

Hokay. So. Obviously, Obama isn't gay. But the idea of Obama marrying a man is definitely intriguing. Like, who would he marry? Biden? Barney Frank? More importantly, who would be the maid of honor? We'd say Hillary, but she'd be texting the whole time. Rude. Maybe Michelle? She probably wouldn't be too comfortable with the idea -- considering she'd been Obama's beard for the past twenty years -- but whatevs. She'd just have to stick it out.

Check out the full video of Stern's appearance below:

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