Fred Karger Releases 'Sexy Frisbee' Campaign Video for California Primary

Fred Karger Releases 'Sexy Frisbee' Campaign Video for California Primary

We always love that we can have those ridiculous candidates—whether for president, governor, or just a city council race—who don't give up and continue to stir the pot when it comes to political discourse. Forget Newt, Santorum, or Ron Paul. Fred Karger has remained that odd duck who has decided to do that for the Republicans in the presidential race.

The guy continues to send out press releases and say he's running for prez. Sure, that's fun. And now he's released this funny campaign video in preparation for the California Republican primary June 5. Will anyone vote for him? Who knows. But at least he is sticking it to Robo-Romney in some new and interesting ways.

As he states, in-between splices of shirtless guys and gals having fun in the California sun, “I’m Fred Karger. I’m the only Californian running for president and one of four Republicans in our June 5 primary. Fred who? I’m a moderate Republican, I have the best jobs plan, I’m pro-choice, support gay marriage and I want us out of Afghanistan now. If you’re not excited about Mitt Romney or the direction of the Republican party, then I ask you to vote for me.”

OK, California, what do you say?

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