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Evangelical Filmmaker Jason Russell Goes Crazy and Naked


Russell, director of the now-famous 'Kony 2012,' recently had a very public meltdown on the sidewalks of San Diego. Here's the video.

If you were to watch the following video without any context, you'd probably just think that this wildly-gesticulating man is a batshit crazy queen on a bad trip. He's naked, he's dropping the F-bomb right and left, he's screaming nonsense, he's clapping for no reason, and he's sashaying up and down the San Diego sidewalk like he's working the runway on Ru Paul's Drag Race.

But despite your initial urge to think he's a drugged-up diva having a "not cute" moment, you might want to look up who this guy actually is: Jason Russell, married father of two and co-founder of the humanitarian group Invisible Children.

Since the incident, Russell's wife Danica Jones has come out with a statement saying that Russell was suffering from dehydration and exhaustion when he hit the San Diego pavement. Apparently, Russell was stressed out from the incessant media attention he had been receiving for his documentary Kony 2012, which became an instant hit on the web earlier this month. The documentary, which has over 80 million hits on YouTube, exposes the child abuse and social unrest that are endemic in Ugandan war criminal Joseph Kony's resistance movement (called the Lord's Resistance Army.)

I don't know about you guys, but usually when I'm exhausted and dehydrated I don't have the energy to prance up and down the sidewalk, vandalize cars, and masturbate publicly (all of which Russell was spotted doing.)

Check out the video from TMZ below:

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