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Channing Tatum Should Be A Sex Toy Model: Adam Scott


'Friends With Kids' star lets loose with how he really feels

For a guy starring in a movie called Friends With Kids, Adam Scott has a pretty adult obsession: Channing Tatum's ass.

Scott, who you might recognize from Parks & Recreation or the most excellent Party Down, recently did an interview with Details, during which he prodded his interviewer, saying, "You don't have fun at work? You work for Details. You sit around and talk about hot dudes like Channing Tatum."

But that wasn't quite enough. No, Scott--married with kids, mind you--went on to elaborate on just what he thinks makes Tatum, star of The Vow and the upcoming Magic Mike and certainly undoubtedly smoking hot, just so alluring.

"That guy looks like he was sculpted out of ivory," he said. "If they made casts of asses to sell at adult stores for people to have sex with, they would use his ass."

If they made them? You mean he doesn't know?

Anyway, the actor quickly realized that perhaps he had gone a bit overboard and that the fastest path to never seeing Channing Tatum's ass again might just be talking about it to Details, he quickly apologized and went back talk about his career so far, his current movie, and... well, the difference between "a shower and a grower."

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