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Kirk Cameron's Weird, Hilarious Gay Fan Fiction Video


A 'Growing Pains' enthusiast edited a video romance between Mike Seaver and his best friend, Boner.

It's not news that Kirk Cameron is kind of a douchebag, in the sense that every time he opens his mouth, really dumb crap falls out of it. Even despite protests from his former onscreen sister and father (who are not mad, just disappointed, Mike!), as well as pretty much every celebrity who has Twitter, Cameron still defends his remarks about homosexuality being "unnatural."

But Cameron's notorious bigotry hasn't stopped one fan on YouTube from creating a hilariously edited video of Mike Seaver and his best friend, Boner, in love.

"In August of 2008 I wrote a fanfiction story about Boner and Mike called 'I'll Be Waving As You Drive Away,' and since then have wanted to make a video about it.. so I finally have," writes user Kirkcameronschick, who goes on to describe the general plot of the video:

"When Mike enters high school, he starts to develops romantic feelings for Boner, but hides it, as he assumes Boner could never feel the same way. After they graduate, he gets drunk one night and opens up.. he finally tells Boner. Boner reacts badly at first, and after some weeks of not speaking to Mike, he calls him late one night and tells him he thinks he feels the same, and has for some time. They develop a secret relationship, but make a pact that no one can ever find out, as they know that their families could never accept them. Over time. Boner starts having doubts. His parents are getting suspicious. Boner realizes that they can never be together truly, and that he can't be around Mike anymore, so he decides to join the Marines, and get as far away from him as he can. Mike is devastated and wants to continue their relationship, and also frustrated that no one, including his parents, will understand what he's going through, but eventually he has to come to terms with the fact that Boner is leaving, and that he may never see him again."

Hmmm, we wonder if Cameron's seen this video, and if so, whether he was as moved by it as we were. (We think not!)

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