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Chris Cornell Fights for the Gays (Sort of)

Kurt Cobain always struck us as grunge’s great gay hope (after all, he did tell The Advocate that he was "gay in spirit") but since he's passed, we've been waiting for someone new to take on that role.  As it turns out, Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell might just be that someone.

According to The New York Post, Cornell recently called out a man in a business suit at the Seattle airport for using the word "queer." The suit had just used the slur to describe someone else nearby who had made a pro-Obama statement.

Apparently, Cornell said: "You’re a [bleep]. You deliberately called him a queer to make him feel uncomfortable in front of a lot of people."

Perhaps Cornell's blood was boiling because he was on his way to perform at a pro-Obama fundraiser, or perhaps he really did just have a problem with the word "queer." Either way, the airline reps thanked him and everyone went home happy (except for the offending jerk, who was asked to leave.)


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