Italian Gay Wedding Video a Real Tear Jerker

Italian Gay Wedding Video a Real Tear Jerker

The folks over at Gawker have shared what seems for the first few seconds to be an Italian car commercial but then quickly becomes an Italian love commercial. Specifically, the gay kind of love (but really all kinds).

In under five minutes, we see the courtship, engagement, and wedding of an adorable pair of guys, all to the whimsical tune of a song we loved despite not understanding a word. They laugh and they love and they do it all while surrounded by their supportive friends and family.

So what is the point of the video? If we had to guess it would be that whoever shot it was trying to make the point that love is universal and a happy couple is a happy couple no matter what their genders.

A similar video, this one Australian, surfaced a few months back. If this is a trend—attractive gay couples act out their normal lives to prove how normal they are—we’re finding it difficult to complain.

So if this Valentine’s Day has gotten you down, don’t lose hope that one day someone will follow you around with a video camera as your heart-breakingly romantic life finally blooms and then posts it all in fast forward to the internet.

Ti sposerò - Gay Marriage from WEDDINGITALIA FILM on Vimeo.

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