"Sh*t Homophobic People Say" Joins the Online Movement

"Sh*t Homophobic People Say" Joins the Online Movement

A list of choice phrases used by the people in this video to justify their discriminatory beliefs: "Natural order," "natural law," "wrong," "sneaky," "barbarians," "evil," "personal despair," "angry at their fathers."
We've heard it all before from various outspoken anti-gay advocates rallying to "save" what they consider "family values", but Lambda Legal shrewdly used the "Sh*t People Say," meme to craft the perfect clip of some talking heads who have made clear their stance on the LGBT community—and their vitriolic reasons why they oppose us. As opposed to the cuture, sweeter nature of the previous videos, this one was a bit of a bummer, but a clever way to interject an important message into the dialogue on gay rights. Check it out, below.

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