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'Wrath of the Titans' Trailer Released


Sam Worthington is god-like, but what else is new

Sam Worthington as Perseus was enjoyable enough to watch one tepid Clash of the Titans remake, but two?

In 2012 Wrath of the Titans, a second Kraken-tastic look back at Greek gods and supposedly Greek people, will be released. The monster-filled trailer was released yesterday, and while we're loving getting reacquainted with Worthington and whatever that harness he's wearing is (also, the Marilyn Manson track that soundtracks the preview), there's something that seems a little... off?

After all, how powerful can these gods be when they're constantly looking for Perseus, who's half mortal, to bail them out? This time around, the Titans are getting uppity and trying to end the world. We can see how that would be annoying and perhaps not a one-man job, but maybe the immortal and magical beings could do something to stop in instead of calling in Zeus's bastard son and his amazing arms.

Check out the trailer below and form your own opinion.

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