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Lady Gaga: Drags On a Fag—in Drag!

There is very little that Lady Gaga can do to shock us these days (well, she did go see the BritneySpears concert in New York this past weekend, which is pretty shocking). And while this new image of her for her next single "You and I" is in no way worth clutching our pearls over (she's already done the whole drag thing), we still like to see our Gaga mixing things up. You've got to give it to her, she's been on the scene for some time now, and she still finds ways to present herself in provocative and engrossing ways. If we could harness both her and James Franco's energy, there'd be no need to drill for oil any longer -- we could run the entire country off of their endless supply of self-promoting stamina. Seriously, Franco hasn't said no to anything ever, it seems -- and we're beginning to think there's a legion of Gaga's out there. How else is she on The View, spotted dining at a local restaurant, taking part in all these photo shoots, and performing a whirlwind concert schedule?

Anyway -- we got sidetracked. This picture is kinda hot. She's very Johnny Depp in Crybaby, which is obviously a good thing. We'd hit it.

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