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A Fish Called Gaga: Lady Gaga's "Yoü And I"

Thank you Internet. Thanks to the immediate dissemination of everything from hidden war secrets to the latest from the Paris couturiers, we've become nostalgic for things before we've even seen them. Take for example Lady Gaga's sophmore album, Born This Way. It has been a difficult pill to swallow, sometimes agitating or annoying us while other times soothing us and reminding us of the first time we fell under the spell of the songstress -- but mostly making us reminisce about that first spark that perked our eyes and ears to the raw, unbridled talents of this performer.

There is no denying that an incredibly huge selling point for the artist is her visual appeal, and the first few videos from this album have been good, but underwhelming efforts overall. But what have we here, latest single "You and I"? Already rehashing the juxtaposition of death and sex, the gothic and morbid with the pure and wholesome, are we? Time to reexamine the world of multiple selves, and contrived iconic ensembles contrasted -- with startling clarity -- with a bucolic world? Yes, lets revisit and kick some ass while doing it. This is the first time in a while that a Gaga video has not only met, but exceeded expectations (the last time was pretty much "Bad Romance," which, to us, has set the bar for everything after it). This is one of those videos that you better clear out your afternoon for, because you're going to have to watch it multiple times, happily, to understand its full scope. Sure, Gaga treads the same paths here and there, but what artist doesn't? Picasso had a whole damn period of his life dedicated to the color blue, so cut the girl some slack you naysayers with heads bowed. Is her literal take on being a "fish out of water" trite? Sure, but its cute too.

Just check it out above, and -- if you're a fashion dork -- this one has some pretty awesome credits you can check out here.

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