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Weekend Deal: 20% Off The Art of Shaving Products Starting Tomorrow

If you're a guy, there are certain tasks that nature has thrust upon you that are inescapable (killing bugs, listening to girls talk about their man troubles, for example). Shaving, too, is certainly one of these things. It's an unavoidable (well, almost -- Williamsburg, Brooklyn is the exception to that rule) responsibility that one must partake in. It's by no means an enormous undertaking, but its a minor annoyance nonetheless. The folks over at The Art of Shaving, though, saw this as an opportunity to change the way men approach this seemingly innocuous task. They'd like to elevate the shave -- to make it a luxurious, self-pampering experience, not a necessary evil -- and they've certainly succeeded. From the beautiful beautifully crafted products -- everything from straight razors to lathering brushes -- to their masculine stores and online advice from experts on performing the perfect shave, this company is a real class act.

Now that you know how much we adore this company, its time to let you in on a little secret. Click here (just do it) and register to save 20% off their products starting tomorrow, Friday July 22nd through Sunday the 24th. We love a good shave, we love a good deal and we love when the two are combined to make some perfect harmony.

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