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Streep as Thatcher: First Teaser Trailer Released

If our Netflix recommendations tell us anything, it's that we just can't get enough of "historical biopics featuring strong female leads." How could we? The period-piece design porn, the inspiring "against all odds" message, the script full of bitchy one-liners and hair-raising comebacks -- it's what we gays live for, to say nothing of the love we get to lavish on whichever Oscar-hungry starlet occupies the main role.

So it's understandable why, when we announced that Goddess of the Universe Meryl Streep would be portraying former-British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in a forthcoming film, no one made much noise. The earth did not shake due to a collective gasp. The internet did not shut down because of rapid torrent downloads of Streep's earlier work. No seizures were reported. The reason for this quiet response, we believe, is because the news was actually so great that most of us just could. not. deal. If we allowed ourselves even the slightest indulgence, we'd lose it again, and we'd be in agony until January 6, when The Iron Lady is set to be released.

Well, good news, ladies. The waiting just got easier -- or tougher? We're afraid to know which. [Plugging ears with wax in anticipation of loud scream], the first teaser trailer of The Iron Lady is here:

"I may be persuaded to surrender the hat," a voice we recognize as Streep's, the way an infant never forgets its mother, comes from off-camera. Then the clincher, as we bear witness to Meryl-as-Margaret's uncanny visage, iron backbone, and a flash of a toothy grin: "The pearls, however, are absolutely non-negotiable. That's the tone... that we want to strike."

We're not worthy, Meryl! We're not worthy!


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Photo: Getty Images

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