Stephen Colbert Teaches Gay History

Ever since California passed a law requiring public schools to acknowledge the historical contributions of the LGBT community, our minds have teetered back and forth between two opposing thoughts: the first being, "It's about damn time!", and the second -- "Oh God! Homophobic idiots are going to find some way to ruin this." 

Luckily, our pal Stephen Colbert knows just how to make us feel better about the issue -- the old-fashioned way, by making us laugh. On a segment of The Colbert Report, the spot-on parodist warned the nation of teaching children the "dangerous lesson that gay people exist" and zeroed in on the "T" in LGBT."Transgender Americans?! Great!" Colbert exclaimed in double irony. "Now our kids are going to learn how Franklin Roosevelt became Eleanor Roosevelt." 

Check out the video to see how much smarter than us our children will be, even if they do become a bunch of raging queens.


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