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New Study Finds Finger Length Ratio Reveals Penis Length

If there's anything that can make a gay man's... ahem... ears perk up, it's news that we may finally have a way to tell what a guy is packing without going through the trouble of getting him naked.

For years -- perhaps since the dawn of time -- we have searched in vain for some suggestion, some visible body part that directly corresponded to or signaled the size of what lurks below the belt, but no matter what we've been told about bulbous noses or size 13 feet (or the delightful but untrue tale our best friend told us that tall, lanky guys are always big where it counts), none of it has ever been very reliable.

But a new study argues that the ratio between the length of a man's index finger and his ringer finger reveals how large his penis is. Apparently the lower the ratio between the two, the longer the penis is. The study was carried out on 144 Korean men who were undergoing urological surgery. Their penises were measured in both flaccid and stretched states and their fingers were also measured. (On a side note: How does one get a job like this, how much does it pay, and where do we sign up?) Those with a lower ratio -- meaning their index finger was shorter than their ring finger -- had longer stretched penis lengths.

Older studies have shown a link between the ratio of those specific fingers and the sex hormones estrogen and testosterone in the womb, reports, so it's likely that those hormones may also affect penis length.

What does this mean for us, practically speaking? We're not exactly sure, especially since this was such a controlled experiment and who knows if it holds true for non-Koreans (or even Koreans who aren't getting their wangs operated on). But, it might not be such a bad idea to carry a measuring tape with you to the bar this weekend -- or at least try using the study as a quirky pick-up line. If it gets you laid, you're welcome -- and be sure to head back here and tell us if those researchers were right.

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