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Morning Cheat Sheet: Worst-Dressed Citites, People Mad at Skinny Models, The New York Times Confirms That It Was Hot Yesterday

Michelle Obama, whose chosen platform as FLOTUS is preventing childhood obesity, ate a burger and now people are pissed. The nerve that woman has.

GQ ranks the worst-dressed cities in America. Should you happen to live in one of said cities, move immediately or forever sport those Crocs.

Outrage! People are mad that models are too skinny!

In an interesting blame game of cyclical nature, modeling agencies point their fingers fashion companies for lack of plus-size models, while clothing labels accuse the agencies of not representing more curvaceous gals. So who's to blame?

The New York Times took some time to remind you that yet, it is, in fact, hot outside. Um...thanks?

We guess the old adage rings true: sex sells.

A burglar who broke into a hair salon and was then promptly assaulted by the salon's owner and then kept as a sex slave for three days. Our first question? Why rob a hair salon, of all places?

Lady Gaga's mermaid alter-ego Yuyi is currently in incubation. File that under things we never thought we would write.

This somehow makes us feel both good and bad: New York City is only the 32nd most expensive city to live in -- in the world. We demand a recount!

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