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Anna Wintour: "Whoever We Call Will Pick Up the Phone"

Who knew that our favorite person who has ever walked the Earth, Anna Wintour, was such a technology enthusiast? After her brilliantly succinct acceptance speech for winning the coveted People's Choice Award for best fashion website at the Webby Awards CNN's Felicia Taylor strong-armed Wintour to sit down and chat about Vogue's newfound love of all things digital. Now, everyone who knows us is well aware of our fascination and respect with and for the editor and we're thoroughly engrossed by her enthusiastic embrace of Vogue's latest brand extension, It's not all that surprising, though, seeing as the woman has dedicated most of her life to the glossy and will do anything to increase its visibility, popularity, profitability and success.

As Gawker points out, Anna mentions -- many times -- what she believes makes her site a draw over other web presences: access. For those of you who may have missed it, she's basically saying that she and her staff can go anywhere, interview anyone, fly to wherever the hell they please at the drop of a hat and will ultimately have all-encompassing entree into the world of fashion. Basically she's politely explaining that whatever news some sad blogger (read: me) is trying to cover, Anna et al. will do it first and they will do it better. Then (this is our favorite part) poor Felicia dares to question Anna as to why it took her so long to expand Vogue's coverage online. Can you imagine? Felicia, wearing what may be the world's most tragic choker (as if it were 1992 all over again) challenges Anna? I mean. And it seems pretty obvious to us why she didn't launch a site until last September...there wasn't enough bandwidth to accommodate the amounts of fabulosity and magnificence she wanted to unleash online. Girlfriend had to personally ring up Al Gore (because she has the access and authority to do so) and demand that he create more internet for her ("Al, hi. Anna here. Can you make more of that Internet stuff for me? That's all." click). He did, of course. Watch the clip below and try not to wish a painful, untimely death upon Felicia Taylor as she questions Anna as if she were some common plebeian. Watch yourself, Felicia. You've made a gay enemy and that's not a good thing.

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