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Chatter: Linda Perry On Coming Out

"Not letting people be who they are is not just a gay problem -- it's a human problem. It's happening right now as we speak all over the radio and all over MTV and VH1. These straight little girls are running around looking like dip shits because the labels want them to be this way. I have to deal with them when they come over and meet me to work on their music. They say, "I hate my label; I hate the way I have to dress; I hate my record; I can't be who I want to be." The label's trying to get them to raise the tittie flag. And I say, "It's your fucking fault! Why are you doing this then?" Ultimately, I hope I can represent someone who stands up for who they are and doesn't let anyone push them around. You're going to get a lot further than if you just follow the game plan. And if you're gay, just be fucking gay! There's nothing wrong with it."
-- Singer, songwriter, and producer Linda Perry talking about the challenges of coming out when you're a pop star.

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