Quickies: Thursday, March 3 2011

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> Like mother like daughter? Whitney Houston's daughter, Bobbi Kristina, (allegedly) caught snorting coke.

> "Anonymous inside sources" (our favorite kind) say that Anne Hathaway and James Franco "grew to hate each other" toward the end of their Oscar rehearsals.

> The suicide of Tyler Clementi last fall has moved Rutgers University to change their rooming policy and queer students will now be allowed to choose a same-sex roommate if they so desire. Heterosexual students will also be permitted to live in co-ed rooms with their boyfriends, girlfriends or platonic friends of the opposite sex.

> Writer/director/producer Greg Berlanti has signed a four-year deal with Warner Bros. worth a whoppin' eight figures. Yes -- you read that right -- eight figures.

> Beware! Listen at your own risk: Kim Kardashian unleashes her debut single, "Jam (Turn It Up)."


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