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Did Bogart and Capote Do It?

There's a popular gay urban legend that says Humphrey Bogart lost an arm wrestling bet, and the price was allowing gay writer Truman Capote to have his way with him. What does Bogey's former wife, Lauren Bacall, says about it?

Bacall, who was famously married to Bogart for a dozen years, tells Vanity Fair that it never happened. She also reveals the truth about another of Bogart's gay friends, Noel Coward.

During one evening Bogey spent with the gay entertainer, Bacall says:

"He and Bogie were guests of Clifton Webb one weekend. Bogie and Noel were assigned to the same room and Noel was gay, as everybody on Earth knew, but nobody cared, because he was so great. Just to be in his presence was quite enough. And at the end of the evening one night, they were changing into their PJs to hit the sack. Bogie was sitting on the edge of the bed, and at one point put his hand on Noel's knee. Bogie said: 'Noel, I have to tell you that if I had my druthers and I liked guys you would be the one I'd want to be with. But, unfortunately, I like girls.' And from that moment on Noel never mentioned it, and Bogie never mentioned it. Class behavior! And they became fast, fast friends."

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