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Bravo won't let Iman be on Drag Race!

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Iman wants to be a guest judge on Drag Race to be with "her people," but Bravo won't lend her out to Logo! Does this mean we have to start boycotting Bravo until it happens?! Someone call Andy Cohen.

I Tweeted this exciting/depressing news last night from Isaac Mizrahi's studio in New York, where Iman and Isaac hosted a Tweet party while watching this week's episode of The Fashion Show. And while Caesar's elimination was surprising, the conversation between the hosts and fellow judge Laura Brown of Harper's Bazaar reeeeeally had me rolling. Here are some of the highlights:

> Iman: "The designers think when they win a little bit of money, they're set. But $200,000 hardly even pays for a fashion show." Isaac: "A show? That pays for two models and some camera equipment."

> Laura Brown got a message from someone at her office asking what color looks good on a woman with silver hair and fair skin, which she then asked Isaac. He said, "Red." I said, "Silver hair?"

> Iman: "A young model once said to me, 'I hope I look as good as you when I'm your age.' I said, 'You won't.'"

> Team iPhone: Iman and Laura Brown. Team Blackberry: Isaac (and me).

> Isaac: "Oh look, Inside Mizrahi just Tweeted!" Laura Brown: "Someone's inside you?"

> For reasons I do not know, Isaac and Iman looked directly at each other and simultaneously said: "Now, you must lip-sync for your LIFE!" Maybe Isaac wants to be on Drag Race, too?


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